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    To harvest residential fruit with volunteers, for the benefit of less fortunate people. 

 285,000 Pounds Harvested and Counting!

As of current, Harvest CROPS cannot schedule.  The founder's personal 92 Ford 150 Truck, our only vehicle, is down,  In need of brakes and transmission repairs--we do not have the budget. We operate in faith, a very limited gas and insurance budget. 

If you or know of a mechanic, I ask for a free inspection.  All  harvests are cancelled until repairs are met--safety is priority.  If you have a pickup, we can also work with you please.  Thank you for your patients and support.  Please ask how to help.

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Ask how you can start a Harvest CROPS "branch" in your community. All we need is one individual who feels passionate and committed about our mission. Would this be you? Limited-income families and seniors will thank you for your decision.

Please do not think about it. Instead, plan how to start a Harvest CROPS branch in your community.  Call now.    .

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