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Here's How it Works

 If you or any of your friends is thinking about buying or selling property in the Southern California area, or anywhere in the United States, whether residential or commercial, if they choose to work with AARE as their agent, when the transaction closes, AARE will make a donation from the company’s commission to Harvest CROPS. For example, a house sold or purchased at $400,000 could give Harvest CROPS a check for $2,000. Check out www.AARE.TV for some recent donations they have made to other nonprofits. And keep in mind, the donation is from AARE’s commission, there is no cost to you. But because of you, Harvest CROPS will receive a generous donation.

 Why are is AARE doing this?  It’s because they have a heart for charity. It’s what drives them and their commitment to support organizations like Harvest CROPS.  That’s why they created their Generous Giving Program and why they’re pleased to offer it to  our organization.

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To learn more about AARE’s Generous Giving Program Please call 888-32-AGENT or 619-GIVE-777 and speak with John Windscheffel or email John at

 Harvest CROPS acknowledges the support of AARE. This is not an endorsement or promotion of AARE’s service.

Please visit their webpage:

Please give them a call or email.  Thank you.

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