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Check Calendar (now)
Simply select a date and location.  Confirm by email.  Show up.  That's it!  Group Leaders, confirm now where the harvest date will be reserved "Filled".  It's easy and fun!
Don't worry--just show up.
Sign Up Now
You'll receive a notice when a harvest is scheduled. Simply fill our on-line form, and that's it. Be on our Email notice list. Call if needed
Wavier Release
Regardless of age, all must present a signed waiver, available on site or download. Minors must have guardian's signature. 

Families and groups -- please download (if possible) and present all waivers signed by each member
Minors, 17 & younger

Ages 14 to 17 can attend unaccompanied by legal guardian..

Ages 9 to 13 must be accompanied by an adult sibling or guardian.

Ages 5 to 8 must be accompanied by one legal adult guardian

Ages newborn to 4 must be accompanied by both parents.

Families are highly encouraged.  Legal guardians must present a signed release waiver for all individuals without exceptions.
Leader leaders -- just do it!  Confirm by email a harvest date that's best .   If needed we can coordinated with ample notice.   
 You are encouraged to fill our on-line form (Sign Up Now) providing approximate group size and details. One month advance scheduling without a confirmed harvest is very challenging with no guarantees. Let's make it happen.
Court Order Hours

We do not accept court-ordered community service volunteers. Judicial probation community hours is not available. 







Anyone without a criminal conviction can volunteer. Please view our Calendar to pick a harvest date.  Confirm by email link. Harvesters are mostly needed during weekend mornings. Families and groups are highly encouraged. Leadership is always welcomed.  Great opportunity to update your resume with leadership experience.

Volunteer Harvest Field Leaders Needed

Type and Print  or  Print and write   Applications

Meeting Locations and Times:

At 9:00 am, we routinely meet at the parking lot (rear) of:


. Please Tell Us Your Experience


Alternative meeting locations (9:45 a.m.) are provided when visiting the north county.  Download a flyer for details at the Check Calendar page.  We meet as a group, to travel as a group from our meeting location, usually a nearby commercial parking lot. An email notice provides all details where and when to meet. For security, the resident's home is never an initial meeting location. 

Adopt a Food Pantry

Consider adopting a food pantry as an individual or group.  As  volunteer harvester(s), we can transport the fruit to the location requested.  You must participate in the harvest with prior arrangements to secure delivery, to be received at the pantry.  If you  bring a truck, we will load it for your delivery directly.     

Group Volunteers

Office or club leadership is encouraged to create a volunteer group.  Visit our calendar, updated weekly.  Pick a date where the location and number of volunteers requested is a good match.  Confirm by email-link.  Download flyer.  Make copies or email to share.  On the harvest date, fun is guaranteed.  Pictures will be taken to share.  We provide a Certificate of Appreciate with a group picture.  This is a great opportunity to team build.

Team Building

  • Non-profit organizations or clubs are not charged a fee.

  • For-profit businesses, we request a cash donation to support our mission.  The amount is up to the discretion of the business management.  We provide a certificate of appreciate with a group picture for sharing.  We also reflect the business name on our Facebook emphasizing their participation and support.  Donation is tax deductible.

Legal Liability

Two California laws protects volunteers from legal law sues:


Please bring a bottle of water, especially during summer season.  Volunteers can bring snacks and munchies.  Snacking on the fruit is encouraged at anytime.


Unable to control the weather, a given, our policy is to wait for the last minute opportunity, to avoid cancellation. From experience, we have harvested before or after a brief rain.  If very few volunteers show, discouraged by the threat of rain, we take a vote. Cancellation is guaranteed when electrical showers are forecasted.     


Transportation is very limited, reserved mostly for minors (non-drivers). Please be prepare to travel as a convoy. Gas is not reimbursed. At the harvest location, volunteers can leave (with notice) at their leisure.


Volunteers are highly encouraged to bring their own pair of gloves and safety glasses (prescription or sunglasses). Our gloves are machine washed routinely.  Harvest poles, containers and rakes are provided. 

Clothing and Wear

Safety is priority.  Please wear: a Baseball cap or brim hat; Long sleeve shirt (branches skin stretches); pants or shorts on hot days; tennis/ outdoor traction shoes.  Avoid jewelry.  No perfume (attracts bees).  Use suntan lotion.  Ear-plug music is encouraged.  Mute phone. Leave personal items inside secured vehicle (do not regret left behind).  Carry necessary medicine on person. 

Could Happen...

When picking, don't be surprised of: Step on dog poop; branch slap; spider webs, bees, ants or weird bugs; fungus leaves; head-drop fruit; birds nest; friendly doggy attack; questions by the resident. 

You Are Encouraged To...

Snack on the fruit when convenient. Take a bag for home or family. Take pictures or videos. Take notations for school assignment. Ask leader questions. Arrive late or leave early when needed. Use the restroom prior to arrive at resident's home. Inform leader of concerns, such as potential danger or uncomfortable behavior. Please share recommendations or suggestions for improvements.

(619) 318-3423

or Email with questions



 “Hi, This is Grossmont Interact Club, we were wondering if you are going to have any upcoming events in the next couple months, we'd love to help, we had such a great time last time.  Thanks, 

-- (President) of Grossmont Interact"

"What a great time. I've done different types of volunteer events but the is by far the best. I'm partially biased because I love being outside and I don't mind a little manual labor. 

--Briana K. [Facebook] of San Diego"


Down load our flyer and share