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The Numbers...

County of San Diego Alone

  3,000,000 residents

Residents With Trees

  1,000,000 homes 

Residents With Fruit Trees

  500,000 homes

Permission to Pick Trees

  50,000 homes (10%) 

One Home Averages 

  4 fruit trees

Potential Home Harvesting 

  200,000 Fruit Trees

One Fruit Tree Averages

  160 pounds (8 buckets)

  20 years old & 15 feet tall

One Residential Visit 

  480 pounds (3 trees) 

Number of fruit per pound

  3 oranges (example) 

Total of Potential Fruit

  1,440 Oranges (unit)

Fair Market Value .75 a lb.

  $360 picked & donated


All Fruit picked is donated, not sold for funds. Dollar amount is only an example.

Please Support  Residential Fruit Harvesters with a Tax Deductible Financial or Equipment Donation.

Thank You

 Sergio D. Padilla, Founder

The above is an illustration only. Facts are not verified. Figures are from founder's experience



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Our Mission Explained:        

Harvest CROPS depend on financial and material donations to support our mission. With your help we can continue feeding low-income families and seniors with residential fruit that would otherwise spoil if no one were to volunteer harvest a few hours of his or her time.

We average 4 cents for each pound, about three to four oranges.  Fruit on the table is possible because of the public's support. With your financial generosity, we are able to harvest and transport to food distribution centers, such as public schools and senior centers.

The founder uses his personal 92 Ford F150  truck for transportation of volunteers and harvested fruit. Please make a donation today.

Harvest CROPS 501(c)(3) non-profit registration provides tax-deductions on all donations.  We are asking for the community's support with our sustaining expenses.  Our immediate goal is securing an annual budget of:


Please be a part of our free service team with a tax-deduction contribution -- Ask how to sponsor as a business or individual.

In return, Harvest CROPS provides about 50,000 pounds annually of free fresh residential fruit to needy families and seniors .   Our primary expenses are liability insurance and gasoline, transporting and delivering harvested fruit.  

Thank you very much!

Questions?  Please email the founder, Sergio D. Padilla

Four Ways To Donate Support

1. Referral Lead    2..Business Sponsor    3. Cash      4.Equipment
All Donation are Tax Deductible.   Thank you!

1.  Referral Lead

    Simply refer a potential home buyer to: 


    We will receive a percentage donation from the company when a sale is confirmed and finalized.  That's it!  Any purchase of a home or business property will benefit our mission with a donation check.  

2. Business Sponsor Donation

A year sponsor ad donation is tax-deductible. Promote your business and show your support. You business will be posted on all our handout literature: flyers, bourshures & receipts together on our webpage, and Facebook link. Your contribution greatly supports our needs to purchase supplies, as gasoline, office equipment, stationary, etc. 


      Left column squares is for business advertisements


      All our literature, flyers, brochures, receipts and thank you notes;


       Businesses are recognized on our Facebook to promote "Likes"

1. Cash Donation

Please make check payable to: Harvest CROPS

Mailing Address:

Harvest CROPS
2112 Ensenada Street
Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Never send cash by postal envelope please.

3. Equipment Donation

Harvest CROPS is in constant need for replacement of well-used equipment and supplies. The following is by priority order:

     Pickup truck or 15 passenger van, both with hitches

     Harvest Poles which extend to 15 feet (example link)

     GPS wide screen with lifetime maps (example link)

     Vehicle mecanical services: Brakes on 92 Ford F150 -- FIXED by donation.  Thank You Gahan Family of Lakeside! and Bryan of Rodger Daniels Alinment & Brake of Santee.  Now the driver feels very safe driving downhill with 2,000 lbs. of fresh fruit.  

Make an on-line donation now. . Click "Donate" Button.

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