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PBS: Food Waste Facts

The Reader: Food Waste Conference

Service Information 211

Dial 211 or visit their web page. An available information resource, it's a free 24 hour service center supporting the public with their needs and concerns. Try it. 

Educational Studies

Students and faculty members, do not hesitate to contact Sergio Padilla, founder and volunteer. He would be happy to assist with research concerning information about our ex-perience providing low-income families and seniors. It would be an honor to share Residential Fruit Harvesters with your research paper or class.

Community Services

Awareness about picked fresh residential fruit, abundant in San Diego County is a community service to low-income families and seniors. Please be an active member of your community.

Court Order Hours

We do not accept court-ordered community service volunteers. Judicial probation community hours is not available.

Harvest CROPS promotes collaboration, to empower individuals, families and groups to get evolved or find assistance. Networking is another. We grow together to support one another. The County of San Diego alone is resourceful with information and services to better serve and sustain the qualities of lives. Hunger should never be an option. Let's work together to guarantee hunger should never be a consideration to all children.

Media Coverage

KPBS TV News April 11, 2017

Food Distribution Centers

  Find A Food Distribution Near You 

Other Residential Harvesters and Gleaners

  Seniors Gleaners of San Diego: (email only)


  Backyard Produce Product: (email only)


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