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Without transportation -- must confirm for seat availability. No guarantee without reserving. Seating is limited. 

With transportation, please confirm by email, text or call.  Remember to bring your signed release waiver(s) if possible.  Waivers will be handed out. 

Read Volunteer Page which should answer most Q & A's

Schedule your cell phone calendar, your alarm reminder.  Only takes a few minutes, like now.


Oh! Don't Forget - 
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Download/ Sign/ Present Waiver


You or group leaders are highly encouraged to frequently view our calendar and choose a harvest date and location (below) best suited for your volunteer scheduling.  Simply confirm by email or text.  A "Filled" will be posted for that date.  Our calendar is updated weekly subject to high and low fruit seasons. 

Group leaders, please consider an adoption of a local food pantry.   With prior arrangements, all fruit harvested will be dedicated to your chosen food pantry.  Seasonally as a tradition, your group will support a local food pantry that will greatly appreciate your support.  

We first meet as a group, usually at the parking lot of McDonalds in Lemon Grove. For north county locations, a second meeting location, usually a business parking lot, is posted on our downloadable flyer notices. We never meet first at a residents house for security reasons.

Prior to departure, an introduction, sign-in, and a briefing is presented for expectation and safety. We depart as a group to the resident's location as a caravan. We return before noon, usually less than three hours, 

Volunteers are encouraged to take a bag of fruit home to share a "tangible experience" with family and friends.

Please Email or text 619-318-3423 to confirm the day to harvest pick.   No need to call. 

Next Scheduled Resident Harvest is...

2 0 1 7

Thursday May 25 8 Volunteers
Grapefruit San Diego 92123  
One Tree YES! (confirm here) Flyer

Saturday May 27 10 Volunteers
Grapefruit Santee 92071 FILLED
One Tree UCSD Food for Thought Flyer

Saturday May 27 15 Volunteers
Oranges Rancho Santa Fe  
40 Trees YES! (confirm here) Flyer

Saturday May 27 No Volunteers
Oranges Escondido Cancelled
80 Trees    

Sunday May 28 20 Volunteers
Various San Diego  
Four Trees Team Building Team Reserved

Monday May 29 8 Volunteers
Fig Pacific Beach 92109  
One Tree YES! (confirm here) Flyer

Wednesday May 31 8 Volunteers
Oranges El Cajon  
One Tree YES! (confirm here) Flyer

Sunday June 4 10 Volunteers
Oranges San Diego 92111  
Three Trees YES! (confirm here) Flyer

Saturday June 10 no more Volunteers
Lemons Encinitas FILLED
50 Trees Thank you for signing up Flyer

Subject to Change Without Prior Notice

If Ride Is Needed, Please Confirm