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We do not distribute or transport to individuals.

 Feeding American San DIego's Resource Webpage provides a list of food pantries by zip code within  San Diego County.  Find a food distribution center to receive as an individual.  We give only to Food Distribtution Centers. 

For Food Distribution Centers, please apply to receive free fresh residential fruit weekly or monthly.  To be a Distribution Center receipient, download, complete and submit our application by email or mail.   Your organization must:


 Food Pantries Delivery History...

  1. Father Joe’s Village                            Recognition Letter

  2. San Diego Rescue Mission                 Recognition Letter

  3. Catholic Charities Food Pantries         Recognition Letter

  4. Friends of SDSCPA                           Recognition Letter

  5. Chaldean Middle-Eastern Social Services (C-MSS)

  6. Broken Loaf Food Pantry of Imperial Beach

  7. UCSD Triton Food Pantry

  8. Special Delivery San Diego

  9. Somali Family Services of San Diego

  10. North County Food Bank

  11. Christian Community Service Agency                           

  12. St Mary Star of the Sea Church Food Pantry

  13. Encinitas Resource Center

  14. St. Andrews Episcopal Food Pantry

  15. Boys & Girls Clubs of South County

     Be a part of our mission.  Provide fresh residential fruit with volunteers.  Fresh fruit, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, avocados and more can reach the tables of people who very much appreciate our free services.  Everyone wins with Harvest CROPS.  

     Plan an organization or group to adopt your food distribution center.   The leader simply visits our calendar weekly, chooses a convenient location harvest, and encourages volunteers to attend. All fruit harvested will go directly to your food pantry.  Honestly, the process is very simple.  Your team will have fun, guaranteed.