10 Best Orchid Pots & Containers Reviewed [+ Buyers Guide]

10 Best Orchid Pots & Containers Reviewed [+ Buyers Guide]

A well-looked after orchid can look stunning yet that mysterious appearance takes a lot of hard work and care. Once you have considered how much watering the beautiful plants require there is the placement for optimum sunlight. Not to mention the fertilizer. There is another thing you have forgotten, the pots and containers. 

If you thought your nursery pot was going to hold your orchid for the rest of its existence then you are sadly mistaken. These are notoriously tricky plants to nurture and are particularly fussy over their conditions. You may expect that for a plant that can vary its color and features for collectors.

With the wrong pot and container, you would be neglecting what could be a wholly rewarding plant. You do not want an orchid with limp, even wrinkly leaves. For a healthy orchid, you will need some repotting.

The best orchid pots and containers are those which provide excellent root ventilation and drainage. There will also be ample room for those roots to spread which may mean specific orchid pots. Thankfully, you won’t be overwhelmed by the choice as we have done the research for you.

Best For Clear Plastic

Meshpot Clear Plastic Orchid Pots

Meshpot Clear Plastic Orchid Pots With Holes - 3 Pack (2Pcs 6 Inch Pot,1Pc 5 Inch Pot)

One of the main concerns with orchid pots is ensuring that the roots are cared for. Without checking the roots, you could easily overwater the plant. Worse still, the roots could sit in excess water and the plant could quickly perish.

With Meshpot Clear Plastic Orchid Pots you can simply watch them grow. Not simply through the clear plastic but as the roots extend themselves freely outside the pots.

The clever design of the pots means that not only can you see the roots flourish, you do not even have to take action. Their patented technology means that the roots are controlled, in their growth and air ventilation.

A set of slots directs the orchid roots vertically down then out at the sides and the bottom. No more circling, choking and rotting. There is an air column for better air ventilation and food-grade PP (polypropylene) for durability and a strong container which we enjoyed in our testing. Watch your orchids grow, year after year.


  • Patented Slots – These help guide the orchid’s roots downwards to prevent choking and promote growth
  • Air Column – A raised central column increases air ventilation for the roots
  • Food Grade PP – Durable material which can used for more than a decade outside


  • Struggle Plant Positioning – The raised air column can make it difficult for the orchid to sit well in the pot
Meshpot Clear Plastic Orchid Pots With Holes - 3 Pack (2Pcs 6 Inch Pot,1Pc 5 Inch Pot)
  • Material -- Food Grade PP, sturdy and last for 10 years in outdoor.
  • Patent Slots that Guides Root Growth -- When orchids become too big for a solid pot,roots begin to circle and choke each other,but Meshpot Patent Slots,can guide the root to grow vertically downwards out of the holes at the sides and bottom,prevent rotting and circling,prunes root structure,promote root growth.
  • Good Air Flow and Excellent Drainage -- The Patent Holes at the sides allow for good air flow;the Patent Holes in the bottom allow for excellent drainage.
  • Patent “Air Column”that Allow Root More Air Flow -- The raised centre, is our Patent “Air Column”,greatly increase the vent area of root; root also can grow along slots of Air Column,promote root growth.
  • What You Get -- 2pcs 6 inches pots,1pc 5 inches pot

Best For Glazed Ceramic

RePotme Fluted Ceramic 6″ Orchid Pot

RePotme Fluted Ceramic 6″ Orchid Pot

For design and craftsmanship, take a look at the RePotme Fluted Ceramic Orchid Pot. This is an ideal pot for an orchid that you have looked after for years. If you want to treat it to a good home then pop the plant inside.

The pot measures 6 inches wide by 6 inches tall and 5.5 inches deep which is roomy and plenty of space for large, developed roots. 

Each pot is custom-made which includes hand-glazing inside and out to make any cleaning super-easy from our testing. The glazing also helps prevent any nasty bacteria build-up inside the pots. These pots also come with clear plastic inserts to protect that glazed finish then direct water to the drip tray.

Underneath the pots are some soft pads to help protect any valuable surfaces and furniture which is a nice touch. The inserts also help when you want to examine how the roots are developing and how the drainage is progressing. The pots truly are each a work of art worthy of being kept indoors or to brighten up your patio. 


  • Large Size – Ideal for mature orchid plants that require more room
  • Complete Glazing – The pots are glazed inside and out for easy maintenance and to prevent bacteria build-up
  • Stunning Design – With vivid colors and a deep glaze, this is a pot to really impress


  • Price Tag – For a gorgeous complementing decoration to your orchid plant this is ideal yet comes with a large price tag

Best For Style

Hobbyflower Adel-Round Plant Pot For Orchids

Hobby Flower Adel – Round Plant Pot for Orchids and its Irrigation 20 x 20 cm Lilac

For a stunning pot for your orchids, look no further than the Hobbyflower Adel-Round Plant Pot. Those delectable curves really add something to whatever space you decide to put the pot in. While it may look like glass, the pot is actually made of gloriously high-quality translucent perspex. It’s light, shatter-proof, and lets the sunlight in which we found in our testing.

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The material is only part of the ingeniously practical design. Using two containers, the setup means that you simply get just the right amount of water. There are also five colors to choose from if you want to match it up with a specific decor. From pure white and black to purple, blue, and clear.


  • Stylish Design – The pot looks great but hides an ingenious design to water your orchid
  • Translucent Perspex – Not only does the material look good and works for the plant’s roots but it’s also shatter-proof
  • Colors – Choose from a range of five colors including white, purple, black, blue, and clear


  • Small Size – This pot only measures 4.5 inches by 5 inches so perhaps not ideal for a mature orchid
Hobby Flower Adel – Round Plant Pot for Orchids and its Irrigation 20 x 20 cm Lilac
  • Plants 11-12
  • Recycle orchid habitats
  • Facilitates irrigation by dipping.
  • Designed by Jordi Vilardell and Mertixell Vidal
  • once a week to reate moisture at the roots. preserve.

Best For Mini Orchids

Crystal Diamond Baby Carousel Orchid Pot and Saucer

For mini orchids that are ready to grow, you need a container that will expand with it. The Crystal Diamond Baby Carousel Orchid Pot uses a smart, fashionable design for functionality as well as aesthetics.

Using 33 upright pieces of UV-resistant plastic means that not only will the mini orchid get excellent ventilation and drainage but space too.

Room to expand is key for mini orchids to ensure the best root systems. That’s why the plastic can bend and move with the mini orchid which we thought was a worthwhile feature. If you need to nurture your orchid to grow then this pot can give it all the encouragement it needs.

The saucer also means that you can easily remove any excess water. Great for orchid roots, and a great pot to look at too in our experience.


  • Functionality – A slotted design means for great ventilation and drainage
  • Strong Build – The plastic build will move with the orchid to give it the space it needs to grow
  • Circle Configuration – 33 upright, expandable plastic pieces are slotted to make up a single container in the shape of a pot


  • Repotting – Best used if you have a growing range of orchids to continually use this pot and then repot the orchid later

Best For Stylish Plastic

Mkono Plastic Planter Orchid Pot

Mkono 4 Inch Orchid Pots with Holes, Set of 2 Plastic Orchid Planters White Flower Pots with Drainage Mesh and Saucers for Indoor Outdoor Plants, Herbs, Catus, and Succulents

Appearances can be deceptive, and that is certainly the case with the Mkono Plastic Planter Orchid Pot. Your orchids will benefit from the transparent inner planter with slotted sides for air ventilation. The roots definitely will in our experience of this product.

You and your surroundings can enjoy a matte white finish and watch your stunning orchid develop. The orchid pots are also comfortable to hold with a lip that makes lifting seem really secure which we liked.

The design of the orchid pot is simple enough. An inner planter to nurture the roots and encourage exposed ones to dry out for natural pruning. The outer planter also has drainage holes underneath so you should not have to worry about overwatering.

If you have a set of two orchid plants that are ready to be repotted from their nursery pots then consider this pair.


  • Simple Design – The matte white plastic looks great and is also superb for aerobic conditions
  • Root Control Nets – These allow more airflow to the roots and prevents circling 
  • Vented Inner Pots – With more holes, your orchid roots can grow with freedom  


  • Not Sold Individually – These come as a set of two and are not sold individually
Mkono 4 Inch Orchid Pots with Holes, Set of 2 Plastic Orchid Planters White Flower Pots with Drainage Mesh and Saucers for Indoor Outdoor Plants, Herbs, Catus, and Succulents
  • Mkono Plant Pots are specifically designed for Orchidaceae, such as Orchid, Dendrobium, Cattleya. It also suitable for common plants like Peace Lily, Succulents, Catus, Snake Plants, and so on. Please kindly note that it is suitable for growing small plants with shallow root system due to the 4" inner pots.
  • Root Control Design : When plants become too big for a solid pot, roots begin to circle and choke each other, but this slotted pot can effectively guide the root to grow vertically downwards out of the vents at the sides and bottom. The nets allow more airflow to the root zone prunes the root structure and prevents circling.
  • Good Air Flow and Excellent Drainage : The holes at the sides allow for good internal air circulation and the holes in the bottom not only can provide proper drainage but also ensure the required moisture level of the substrate to promote healthy root growth.
  • Material: This meshpot is made of high quality PP plastic. The outer pot's surface is matte white, the inner pots with slotted vented sides promote orchids growth through aeration. It also comes with a saucer so your floor or desk won't get ruined.
  • Package included: 2 inner net pots, 2 outer pots and 2 saucers. Pot are approximatively 5.3" in outside diameter, 4" in inside diameter by 4 1/2" high. Mkono is a registered trademark and our product is professional manufacturing and sole selling.

Best For Wood

Sun Bulb 51720 Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket

Sun Bulb 51720 Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket, 8'

Wood can be an incredibly natural and rustic material to use for repotting your orchids. Amongst flowers it slots in really well. For a wooden design that works for your orchids then consider the Sun Bulb Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket.

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While your orchid will (rightly) take the plaudits, the cedar basket looks great too. 

For such a well-thought-out design, there is a versatility to be utilized too in our experience of this product. You may not even want to hang the basket as it works well as a regular planter too. The slats include plenty of gaps to bring in the air to your orchid roots. 

Though you will need a liner to grow the orchid in either bark or soil due to the gaps, at eight inches this is sizable enough for mature ones.


  • Staggered Design – Ideal for airflow to orchid roots
  • Wire Eyelets – Galvanized for reinforcement and mean the orchid can be hung on the patio or indoors
  • Big Size – At eight inches across, this basket is great for a mature orchid


  • Lack Of Wire Hangers – You would need to purchase your own wire hangers to hang the basket up
Sun Bulb 51720 Better GRO Octagon Cedar Basket, 8"
  • Unusual and attractive Octagon shape
  • Provides excellent drainage
  • Handcrafted, natural wood basket
  • No assembly required

Best For Value

ZIRKA Clear Orchid Pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter

ZIRKA Clear Orchid pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter 7 inch – 6 Pack

There is a lot to be said about retaining consistency with multiple orchid plants. For a simple range of pots, take on six with a pack of ZIRKA Clear Orchid Pots. These will ensure that nothing takes away from your beautiful orchids with a basic yet functional design.

The drainage holes are large enough to protect your orchids from overwatering and promote root growth. 

This is also a flexible range, you can choose from three sizes to cover young to mature orchids. You could even use them as interior pots to slot into more decorative containers which was a feature we liked. These can be used on their own again and again with smaller plants once your orchids require repotting. 


  • Pack Of Six – Great for consistent repotting with multiple orchid plants
  • Big Holes – Sizable enough for drainage but not to compensate on the design
  • Wide Range – Depending on the size of your orchid plants you can get 4.3 inches, 5.5 inches, and 7 inches


Lack Sturdiness – These orchid pots can fall over quite easily

ZIRKA Clear Orchid pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter 7 inch – 6 Pack
  • Orchid pots with holes provide sufficient moisture discharge and good internal air circulation.
  • The clear orchid pot allows the orchid's roots to receive the nutrients they need to grow from the light and air.
  • The clear orchid pot allows you to observe the state of the roots and the moistness of the substratum.
  • Plastic orchid pots let you swap out decorative flower pots based on your interior without damaging the plant.
  • Clear plastic orchid pots size: 6.7 inches diameter on the top; 4.53 inches in diameter at the bottom; 5 inches height

Best For Drainage

MUZHI Orchid Pot 

MUZHI Orchid Pot with Net and Holes, Round Self Watering Planter Pot for Indoor Plants and Flowers 3 sets White

For sheer peace of mind, you may just want an orchid pot you can be assured will look out for drainage. The MUZHI Orchid Pot does just that with a double-layer design. Functionality is quite simple, an outer layer stores the water which can then be poured away.

The inner mesh pot also has holes and slits for air ventilation and to promote root growth. A wide lip makes it easy to handle so you can examine the roots.

The design is versatile enough to fit any surroundings which we found in our experience. It will look good in your dining room, effortless in your bedroom, or as a worthwhile decoration on your office desk. With such a simple, rewarding design, you may even give one away as a gift.

MUZHI has even thrown in a wicking rope for self-watering though try not to exceed the water level at the bottom.


  • Double Layer Design – Comforting if you are worried about any water leaking
  • Wicking Rope – A wicking rope is included to continue self-watering should you be unavailable
  • Versatile – Can be used with several other plants


  • Sitting Water – If the excess water is not removed it can become stagnant or even attract bugs 
MUZHI Orchid Pot with Net and Holes, Round Self Watering Planter Pot for Indoor Plants and Flowers 3 sets White
  • Package Included:3 set pots, 2 Large (Outer Dia 6", Inner Dia 4.4") and 1 Small (Outer Dia 4.6", Inner Dia 3.5"), Orchid pot made of quality PP plastic
  • Double Layer Design: Outer pot for water storage, no worry about water leakage and furniture ruins. Pour away excess water if plants don't like too much water
  • Inner mesh pot with wide lip edge makes handling easier and enough space for air circulation. Pots have slits on base and side to drain very well, promotes healthy root growth
  • Additional wicking rope is for Self Watering when you go out serval days. Pls do not water the plant exceed inner net pot's bottom. Water level for outer flower pots is 0.5-1 inch
  • You can use this sturdy cylinder orchid planter for Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Devil's Ivy, Golden Pothos, herb, African Violet, Cattleya planting, Decorate your dining room, bedroom, kitchen office and chamber etc

Best For Self-Watering

HBServices USA Self Watering and Self Aerating High Drainage Plant Pot

HBServices USA 8' Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round Plant Pot, Maintains Healthy Roots, for Indoor & Outdoor & Windowsill Gardens (White)

There are even orchid pots that do the hard work for you. Orchids really can be fussy so if you know you are likely to forget to water yours, go with a pot that does the self-watering. With a deep reservoir that can last two weeks, HBServices USA has the orchid pot to maintain your plants.

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That’s largely down to a patented design in the body of the plant pot which uses hollow legs to draw moisture away that we really liked in our testing. The aerating is also integrated into the design to prevent root rot with large slats for air circulation. Just fill the reservoir and let it do its thing.

As the orchid is being watered from the bottom there is also mitigation for overflow. Your orchids will flourish as the root system is cared for and not constantly flooded. 


  • Ideal For Busy Urbanites – If orchid maintenance is a concern then take the stress away from watering and aeration with the pot that does it for you
  • Technology – Works with the orchid to ensure great growth with little fuss
  • Wide Range – Comes in a range of shapes and colors


  • Large Cost – These are expensive which is perhaps understandable with those features
HBServices USA 8" Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round Plant Pot, Maintains Healthy Roots, for Indoor & Outdoor & Windowsill Gardens (White)
  • SELF-WATERING, 2-WEEKS+ DEEP RESERVOIR: No more troublesome wicks that clog and stop working. Our patented design integrates a self-watering feature into the body of the planter. Hollow legs reach down into the reservoir to allow the soil itself to draw moisture naturally while lifting your plant above the water, keeping its delicate root system from being constantly flooded, minimizing upkeep while eliminating common problems associated with other planters and with over-watering.
  • SELF-AERATING, HIGH DRAINAGE, MINIMIZE ROOT ROT: No need to keep poking holes in your soil. Integrated into the body of the planter are additional large open slats on the bottom that are designed to maintain air circulation through the soil, minimizing the risk of root rot commonly found in more enclosed self-watering planters.
  • WATER FROM THE BOTTOM + NO MORE OVERFLOW: Each planter comes with a clip-on watering attachment (packed inside the saucer) to make it easier for you to water your more delicate plants. Fill up the deep reservoir directly instead of pouring water through the soil and guessing when to stop. Leave it on for ease of use, or clip it on when necessary to maintain a sleek modern look.
  • MINDS YOUR FLOOR AND CARPET: The bottom saucer is designed with risers that lift it away from your floor and to prevent circular water stains typical of other flat-bottomed planters.
  • SMOOTH GLOSS FINISH: UV stabilized polypropylene plastic (#5 PP) will not become brittle under the sun. The pigment is part of the plastic material, not painted on. Colors will not fade, will not peel, will not become streaked or patchy when left under the sun. 100% BPA-free.

Best For Tidiness

Link Solar Mesh Net Pot 

Plastic Orchid Pot with Drainage Holes for Repotting 8 inch Double Pot for Plants Indoor-Outdoor Large Round Succulent Orchid Flower Pot Container Garden Decor(Black)

Having an orchid pot that you can depend upon to look good and prevent mess is rewarding. Having one that allows for great ventilation and space for roots to grow is ideal. The Link Solar Mesh Net Pot comes with two pots, both are made of heat-resistant plastic.

An inner pot is for looking after your orchid’s growth and air circulation, the outer pot is to promote drainage. 

The outer pot does the dirty work, collecting any excess water and debris so it does not leak. We found that the root really did respond well to the design of the pots. If you are concerned about mess, simply give it a wash every week. 


  • Lack Of Mess – An outer pot collects any water and debris
  • Durable Design – Sturdy plastic means that this orchid pot will last
  • Decent Size – At 7 inches height and 8 inches diameter, this is great for mature orchids


  • Flimsy Outer Pot – The build could be more solid as dripping can occur
Plastic Orchid Pot with Drainage Holes for Repotting 8 inch Double Pot for Plants Indoor-Outdoor Large Round Succulent Orchid Flower Pot Container Garden Decor(Black)
  • 【Dimension& Package】Double orchid pot measures 7-inch in total height, with a 10-inch rim on the top,8-inch inner diameter,ideal for repotting your larger orchids; Package: contains 1 outer pot, 1 inner pot (NOT INCLUDE DRIP TRAY)
  • 【Orchid Pots with Holes】The roots of orchids need fresh air to thrive and start the flowering process.There are many air holes on the sidewall&bottom of the inner pot and drain holes at the bottom of outer pot to prevent waterlogging.Designed for ventilation and drainage.
  • 【Dual-pot Design】Made of sturdy plastic materials,the plastic is BPA-free, with no harmful toxins getting at your orchid’s roots.There are 2 parts of the orchid pot: the solid outer pot ; the inner slotted basket. To take the inside slotted basket out, you need to twist to the left and lift. To insert and lock it back to the outside pot twist to the right ... insert and twist to the right. Easy to water and drain the excess water.
  • 【Advantage】Plastic orchid pot set is a small gap all around between the outer pot and the inner pot that still allows air circulation and maybe slows evaporation a bit. The outer pot mostly helps contain any water or soil that might leak out.
  • 【Great Solution for Starving More Room】The inner basket of the breathable pot is not clear, so you can't see the roots.Plant pots for orchid is ideal for orchids, African Violets,cacti,or succulents and other flowers and green plants that require sunlight and air.

Buyers’ Guide

Put bluntly, orchids are not like every other plant. They require some special care and attention, particularly for their height. Orchids can grow a lot higher than most plants and for that reason, they require pots that offer extra support.

They also need a lot of drainage as they require more watering than many other plants you may be growing. 


Imagine that your orchid needs that extra support to grow healthy and tall. Flimsy materials are not going to hack it, just as you would not wear unsuitable footwear for growing, you need strong material for an orchid container.

Orchids really require more support, especially when they are in bloom so look out for rigid sides and heavier bottoms in your containers. When fully bloomed, orchids can be top-heavy so better support can stop them from toppling over.

Plastic orchid pots are a popular option for the obvious reasons; their versatility and affordable price tag. The plastic is thin but usually a touch more durable for orchids due to their roots needing a firm material to hold them in.

If you are still worried about the orchids topping over then add some rocks to the bottom of the pot. As you would expect, there are usually plenty of drainage holes for airflow to the roots. 

As a tedious-looking material, a plastic pot or container can be popped inside a decorative pot to mask over its functionality and for even more support. However, one advantage that plastic has is that it can be clear and offer you more visibility for the state of the roots without taking it out of the container.

This transparency also helps natural sunlight to reach the roots without any effort. Helping you maintain the orchid simply by looking at it.

Believe it or not, wood is a great material for an orchid container and particularly cedar. Using wooden blocks that are crafted together means sizable gaps for airflow without losing any discernible shape.

This is a particularly sturdy design that still offers great drainage and looks stunning hanging in a patio or a backyard too.

If you were comparing plastic with ceramic and wondering which to go for then your orchid would likely prefer ceramic. That’s if it could choose for better aeration. In the long term, this is also the safer option as orchids in clay pots still require regular watering yet it should be really difficult to overwater them.

If you are liable to forget when you have watered your orchid then maybe you should consider plastic. This is simply because the material will retain more moisture yet this does mean keeping a keen eye on how healthy the roots are. If there is one thing that orchids cannot abide, it is sitting in pools of water.

Clay or ceramic pots can also go to town on their decoration. If you thought that plastic was devoid of character then invest in a decorated and glazed pot to bring some color into your living space. For added support, you could also ensure you use a matching clay or ceramic saucer to collect any excess water.

Glass is another transparent material that makes it easy to check up on your orchid roots. However, you have to be careful with glass as it will likely shatter when dropped. That risk is not necessarily a problem with clear plastic.


The best orchid pots and containers are usually a little larger than their nursery pots. These are undoubtedly fussy plants and while they prefer more conventionally small pots and containers, you may only need to upgrade to a one-inch wide pot.

Orchids can be quite demanding too and their roots can even choke each other if kept too closely together. If you are unsure of what size to go for, opt for something bigger for that sense of security. Ideally, not too big as the roots can decay given the extra room.

Check how roomy the roots look as the plant could outgrow the pot or container. You should look to repot your orchid plants roughly every six months though they can last up to three years in the same pot. 


For drainage, this is not simply the holes at the bottom of the pot or container. To achieve basic drainage there should be holes in the sides, as well as the bottom. Enough holes to allow excess water a route out of the pot.

You really do not want damaged roots purely from them submerging in excess water. Around four to 12 holes per container can be adequate simply because they need the holes for airflow to the roots. 


If you wanted to add some glamor to your patio or indoors then there are plenty of stylishly designed pots and containers to choose from. Ceramic is usually a great material to decorate and the delicate curves of glasswork really well too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do orchids require particular containers?

Orchids are particularly fussy plants, which you would expect from how beautiful they can be. To achieve such horticultural greatness requires special pots. If there is one defining factor as to why the best orchid pots and containers are different from the rest it is drainage.

Due to the height an orchid can grow to, the pots need to be bigger to allow the roots to grow and for water to spread out. Without that drainage, the roots can become rotten in pools of excess water and the plant will quickly die. That extra growth requires regular watering hence an orchid pot needs a bit more from its drainage system.