A Definitive Guide To The Best Weed And Feeds For St. Augustine Grass

A Definitive Guide To The Best Weed And Feeds For St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is a favorite among lawn lovers – it looks beautiful and it’s easy to maintain throughout the year. However, in order to keep your lawn looking perfect, you’ll need to weed and feed it regularly. 

There are plenty of products on the market that offer both weeding and feeding for your St. Augustine grass. But which product is the best? Well, we’ll tell you!

This article will share with you the top 5 best weed and feed products currently on the market for St. Augustine grass.

We’ll also tell you exactly what you need to look for when buying the perfect supplement for your lawn.

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action - Combination Weed Killer, Fire Ant Preventer, and Fertilizer, 26.64 lbs., 8,000 sq. ft.

When it comes to weeding and feeding your St. Augustine grass, Southern Triple Action by Scotts is an incredible product.

You will love this product’s capacity to eliminate a wide variety of weeds, including stubborn clover roots.

Furthermore, it aids in keeping pests like ticks, grasshoppers, fire ants, and fleas from hiding in your lawn. This insect defense works for about six months.

Your lawn will also be fertilized by Southern Triple Action, keeping it healthy and green all year long. It has incredible coverage, being able to coat a lawn up to 4,000 square feet with weed and feed. 


  • Can cover up to 4,000 square feet
  • Can destroy tough clover roots
  • Prevents fire ants
  • Good for building thick, green lawns


  • Hard lumps can occur
  • Not as effective against dollarweed
Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action - Combination Weed Killer, Fire Ant Preventer, and Fertilizer, 26.64 lbs., 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action is three-in-one formula for Southern grasses that kills dollarweed and clover, prevents and kills fire ants, and feeds your lawn
  • Kills listed lawn weeds, including dollarweed, dandelion, clover, oxalis, plantain, chickweed, and henbit
  • Prevents and kills fire ants for up to 6 months; also controls armyworms, fleas, mole crickets, chinch bugs, sod webworms, and ticks
  • Feeds and strengthens lawns against heat and drought; for use on St. Augustinegrass (including Floratam), Centipedegrass, Zoysiagrass, and Carpetgrass
  • Apply to lawn with a Scotts spreader, then water in immediately; apply when grass and weeds are actively growing; 26.64 lb. bag treats 8,000 sq. ft.

Spectracide Weed & Feed

Spectracide Weed & Feed 20-0-0 (Ready-to-Spray) (32 fl oz), 1 pack

Look no further if you want weed and feed that won’t break the bank. The cost-effective Spectracide Weed & Feed product comes with a quick-flip sprayer. 

Simply purchase and apply directly to your St. Augustine grass. A lawn of up to 7,500 square feet can be covered with just one pack.

Broadleaf weeds are more frequently found growing alongside St. Augustine grass, and Spectracide Weed & Feed concentrates on eliminating them.


  • Affordable
  • Quickflip sprayer
  • Targets broadleaf weeds
  • Covers an area of up to 7,500 square feet


  • Not for all types of weeds
  • Slower results than other weed and feed products
Spectracide Weed & Feed 20-0-0 (Ready-to-Spray) (32 fl oz), 1 pack
  • DUAL-ACTION FORMULA: Kills major broadleaf weeds while feeding your lawn.
  • FEEDS LAWN: Fertilizes with 20 percent nitrogen formulation.
  • KILLS WEEDS: Controls dandelion, chickweed, knotweed, plantain, clover, mallow, purslane and many broadleaf weeds as listed.
  • QUICKFLIP SPRAYER: Just connect to your hose and spray – just grip, flip and go.
  • COVERAGE: 32 ounces treats up to 7,500 square feet of lawn.

Sunniland St. Augustine Weed and Feed

SUNNILAND Corporation ST Augustine Weed&FEED5M

This weed and feed item was created especially for St. Augustine grass. It’s among the best weed and feed products you can get on the market.

The Sunniland St. Augustine Weed and Feed product is ideal for year-round application, unlike most of the other weed and feed products that are only suitable for summer.

To control weeds and promote grass growth for up to 90 days, the product includes a 50% slow release mixture.

Sunniland St. Augustine Weed and Feed comes in bags that can treat up to 5,000 square feet of lawn area for up to 90 days.


  • Designed specifically for St. Augustine grass
  • Can be used all year round
  • Works for up to 90 days


  • Not suitable for other types of grass

Southern Ag Amine 2,4-D Weed Killer

You should consider Southern Ag Amine 2, 4-D Weed Killer if you need a selective weed killer for a sizable lawn. With a 32-ounce bottle, it can cover an area of up to 20,000 square feet.

For controlling St. Augustine broadleaf weeds like dandelions, poison ivy, creeping Charlie, clover, and chickweed, this weed and feed is ideal.

Furthermore, it contains all the necessary nutrients for keeping your St. Augustine grass healthy and green.


  • Tackles many broadleaf weeds
  • Contains nutrients to keep your lawn in good condition
  • Can cover up to 20,000 square feet of lawn


  • Not as effective on non-broadleaf weeds
  • Strong chemical odor

Pennington Ultragreen Southern Weed and Feed

Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer, 12.5 LBS, Covers 5000 Sq Ft

Pennington Ultragreen Southern Weed and Feed is a popular option for specialized treatment.

It comes with 22.1% nitrogen with a slow-release ability, so application will destroy weeds on your St. Augustine grass lawn.

While this nitrogen level kills weeds, it is perfect for grass, allowing it to thrive and thicken.

This product will assist you in eliminating all weeds from your lawn, preserving high grass coverage and iron enriching your St. Augustine grass.


  • Kills most weeds
  • Offer iron enrichment
  • Ensures quick greening of your lawn


  • More expensive than other weed and feed products.
  • Not suitable for floral St. Augustine.
Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer, 12.5 LBS, Covers 5000 Sq Ft
  • Fertilizer and kills over 250 broadleaf weeds, including dandelion, henbit, dollar weed, White clover, plantain and chickweed
  • Treats northern and southern grasses
  • Not for floral St. Augustine
  • Quick greening
  • Extended feeding

Safer Brand Lawn Restore Fertilizer

With Safer Brand Lawn Restore Fertilizer, you can keep your lawn looking healthy and green. Its effective year-round care will help plants withstand heat, cold, and drought stress.

Your St. Augustine grass will be better able to withstand heat, cold, and drought stress with the efficient year-round care of this weed and feed. It can cover up to 6,250 square feet and is simple to use. 

Your lawn will green up within 3 to 5 days of fertilizing after using this product, and it does not have a smell, leaving no unpleasant odors behind.

By promoting healthy, thick turf and bolstering root systems, the Safer Brand fertilizer improves the performance of your lawn.


  • Great coverage of up to 6,250 square feet
  • Takes only 5 days to work
  • Easy application


  • Some users have said that they prefer the old formula

Espoma Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer

Using Espoma Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer will make your lawn explode with growth. Its 8-0-0 formulation is perfect for any lawn and minimizes chemical use.

Feather meal and pasteurized poultry manure are safe garden fertilizers that enrich your soil year after year without endangering children or pets.

When you feed your St. Augustine grass with this all-natural, organic weed and feed product, it will grow to its full potential.

This organic fertilizer is safe for the environment and highly digestible to support strong roots and a beautiful, dark green lawn.


  • Covers up to 5,000 square feet.
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Safe for pets and children


  • More effective for weeding than feeding

Buyer’s Guide

St. Augustine grass looks amazing on any lawn, however, finding the best weed and feed product can be difficult.

Consider the following factors when choosing the best weed and feed for your lawn, to ensure you get a result that you’re satisfied with.


There are a wide variety of brands available on the market for weed and feed products. They make a lot of promises, but in reality they fall far short of keeping them. For this reason, you should search for reliable brands. 

You should look for brands that have been tried and tested and have received mostly positive reviews from their users.

Residual Effects

Some weed and feed products will affect your soil and its capacity to support future plant growth. Because of this, you should choose an environmentally friendly product that won’t harm your plants or the fertility of the soil. 

Be sure to verify the weed and feed’s chemical composition to make sure the soil is unaffected by it.


The area where the weed and feed products would need to be sprayed should be taken into account. You must examine its concentration in order to determine this.

Some weed and feed products are diluted and won’t cover a lot of ground, while others are highly concentrated and require extensive spraying.

Don’t pay attention to the weed killer’s package size when evaluating the coverage, but instead look at the quantities of chemical concentration.


If you choose the incorrect weed and feed product, your grass will also be killed along with the weeds.

With the wrong product, there is no way to prevent this as the weed and feed has to be sprayed over your entire lawn.

It’s important to pick a weed and feed product that will only target the weed and leave the grass alone. You need a selective herbicide to accomplish this. 


Granular and liquid versions of weed and feed products are available on the market. Depending on your needs, you can select either the liquid weed and feed or the granular version.

Applying the liquid form to your lawn is simple, and you’ll see results right away.  Comparatively, the granular form is typically a more affordable choice.

Although the granular and liquid forms are different from one another, the results are very similar.


You should always check the NPK value of any weed and feed formula before purchasing. You can find out how many nutrients are in a product by looking at its NPK. 

NPK represents the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the product. A product with a 10-10-10 NPK value shows that it has 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium.

For your lawn to grow more effectively, make sure the product has an ideal NPK value.

Types Of Weeds

Types Of Weeds

Your lawn should be shielded from weeds by all weed and feed products. However, there are many different varieties of weed out there, and not every product will eliminate and prevent them all.

Therefore, before choosing the product, you should determine the type of weed that is present in your lawn and see if the weed and feed you are choosing will work against that specific weed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Difference Between All Weed And Feed Products?

Each weed and feed product has a unique formulation, with different nutrient and weed killer combinations.

This is why it is important to check the quality of the brand and the chemical composition of the weed and feed you intend to buy so you can maintain your lawn.

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Weed And Feed Products?

While all weed and feed products have variations, the products in this article will provide you with excellent results. They do a great job of controlling weeds while improving the overall quality of your lawn.

Where Does St. Augustine Grass Grow?

St. Augustine grass is primarily found in Florida but also grows in North, Central, and South America.

Because St. Augustine grass cannot withstand cold winters or heavy rainfall like other types of grass, the best weed and feed for it must be tailored to its environment.

When Should I Apply Weed And Feed To My Lawn?

Typically, weed and feed products are applied in the spring or fall. They can be applied at any time of the year, but doing so too soon could damage the new growth that follows in the winter.

Depending on your location, the ideal time to apply weed and feed to St. Augustine grass is typically from April to June or September to October.

How Do I Apply Weed And Feed?

Follow these steps to apply weed and feed to your St. Augustine grass:

  • According to manufacturer recommendations, fill your device with weed and feed solution. This is typically between 30% and 75%.
  • Set the side lever to the desired application width. Keep in mind when setting this that the width of your coverage area depends on the distance between the left and right wheels.
  • Set the front lever to the desired application depth. Adjust it higher for a thinner layer or lower for a thicker one.
  • To evenly distribute the weed and feed across the grass blades as you move around your lawn, overlap your steps a little bit.

Final Thoughts

You will get the best results for your St. Augustine grass lawn when using any of the aforementioned weed and feed products.

With this article, you can determine which factors apply to you and purchase the option that best meets your needs.

Before choosing the best product for you, consider coverage, selectivity, form, types of weeds, NPK, residual effects, and brand, so you can create a St. Augustine grass lawn that you can be proud of.

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