Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View – Backyard Privacy Ideas

Cheap Ways To Block Neighbors View – Backyard Privacy Ideas

Being able to enjoy your property to its fullest potential is one of the greatest pleasures in life. This is true whether you have a large and lush garden full of beautiful plants, a deck for barbecues and parties, or even a simple lawn for lounging on.

However one of the most frustrating things in life is not having the privacy you need to fully enjoy your space, and this can put a serious strain on your relationship with your neighbors, and make a place that should be for relaxation a place that causes stress and anxiety, as well as conflict in the very worst scenarios.

The problem of neighborly privacy has become worse in recent times, as estates and suburbs have become more crowded and less well maintained and planned. However there are solutions to this problem, to suit almost every budget and every scenario. 

Taking matters into your own hands and creating privacy for your garden is the best way to avoid all these issues, and you can block out your neighbor’s view of your space in a variety of ways to keep the peace and protect your precious privacy.

In this guide, we’re going to look at several of the very best ways to go about protecting your garden from view, from simple and budget-friendly options to more time-consuming, expensive and permanent options.


One of the simplest and effective ways to protect your garden is by erecting a fence! Even a low fence can add a sense of privacy and security to your space and will be an obstacle to prying eyes or animals.

Fences are a great option because they are incredibly versatile, and you can pick something that not only looks good, but that offers as much privacy as you need providing you aren’t going to be affecting anyone else’s property.

Large wooden fences offer some of the best privacy to their price and can be installed almost anywhere, however they may not be as long-lasting as some other types of fence.

Fences can be painted to beautifully complement your home and can also be used to mount plants and trellises, and can also add a layer of security to your property, adding a physical barrier to the street or your neighbors that can send a clear message about how you value your property and privacy.

Tall fences can suffer from being down in stormy areas, and are relatively easy to damage and wear down even when treated properly, so while they are a great option they aren’t the most permanent and will often require careful maintenance to get the best out of them.

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Tiered Landscaping

A more permanent and time-consuming option can be adding tiers to your landscape!

This is a much more expensive option and is a little unorthodox, but it can be a great idea and does offer some savings which we’ll look at later.

Adding tiers to your garden or yard space involves creating a cascading or rising series of layers to your garden, and this can massively reduce the ability for your neighbors to see into your garden.

Multiple levels can improve the space you have in your yard, and open up new ways of enjoying it by creating different areas for different purposes, from a lawn tier, to a decked tier to even a storage or planted tier.

This can take a lot of planning and will require a significant amount of effort and expense in some cases, but this depends on the size of the project and how you want it tiered.

While it may be costly initially, there are benefits too, as this type of solution isn’t easily worn down or damaged, and unlike fences requires very little maintenance and upkeep, and can’t be blown down or smashed by the weather or anything else making it a great long term investment in your privacy and enjoyment.

Backyard Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs

Another great option for creating privacy can be adding trees and shrubs to the perimeter of your yard or property.

Again, depending on the age of the tree, its species, and size the costs can be significant or manageable, but trees have the benefit of providing near unparalleled privacy and longevity, and often add a lot of beauty to your yard especially if it’s well maintained.

On this point, trees and shrubs can require more maintenance than other solutions, and not abiding by these obligations can cause issues, as a poorly maintained tree is more likely to fall down and damage your property, as well as cause issues with neighbors if it starts to encroach on their property of effect the enjoyment of their own yard.

Consideration and neighborly communication are key to avoiding issues here.

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Equipment for maintaining trees can also be expensive so consider this before in installing trees, and keep in mind that leaves can cause a lot of issues if they aren’t swept up and disposed of properly.

Shrubs are a little less troublesome than trees but still require maintenance, however, they provide excellent privacy, and like trees are a very long-term and safe way to add privacy to your yard.

Use A Trellis

A trellis can be a great way to add beauty and privacy to your yard and are a great blend of the beauty and privacy offered by trees and shrubs without requiring as much maintenance.

A trellis is a large wooden frame with slats that allows climbing plants to grow, and after a short time, they can become lush green tapestry to surround your garden with, reducing visibility into your space without being an eyesore for you or your neighbors.

They are a wonderful choice and while they may not offer as much security and can be blown down, they are fun to work with, relatively easy to maintain, and are simple to install making them a great choice for almost all yard spaces.

Hanging Greenery

Much like a trellis, hanging plants offer some privacy, depending on how they are arranged.

Hanging plant pots and the line can be a great way of adding extra privacy to certain areas of your garden and are very easy to install and work with, as well as requiring very little maintenance depending on the plants you choose.

They are flexible and cheap and can be a great boost to your privacy in certain areas.

Outdoor Curtains

Moving away from plants for a moment, outdoor curtains can be a very good, low-maintenance option for people who want an immediate improvement to their privacy.

Outdoor curtains can be popular for pool areas and are great as they are often inexpensive and simple to use and install.

They can also add a nice modern look to your yard and create a holiday atmosphere in your garden which can add privacy and relaxation. 

The downside is they may not offer very much security and may become discolored or damaged over time, so it’s best not to leave them out permanently or they will often become damaged more quickly and need to be replaced.

Large Planters

If you don’t have grass or soil, planters can offer you the chance to plant some privacy! Depending on the plants you choose they can be a simple and effective guard from prying eyes and can be positioned almost anywhere, making them very versatile.

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Backyard Gazebo

Gazebo’s or Tents

If you need some protection in the interior of your garden, a gazebo or garden tent can be a great way to add a little privacy from areas around your home which are elevated and can see down into your space.

They can be put up almost anywhere and come in various sizes making them an effective choice for almost anyone.


Walls are a very permanent option and can be very expensive, but offer the most security and strength in terms of privacy.

While walls can sometimes be ugly, they are strong and can be put up almost anywhere. They aren’t as attractive as some other options but can be made more attractive by painting them or adding trellises around them.

Water Features and Fountains

If you need some audio privacy, a water feature or fountain can provide this by adding continual ambient noise to your garden. This is a great choice as it’s also very relaxing and pleasurable and can attract birds and wildlife too.

They don’t have to be expensive and even a simple fountain can add some ambient noise to protect your conversations from listeners, making this a solid choice if this is one of your concerns.


Be reasonable about your plans and try to consider how your efforts may affect your neighbors. A lot of issues can be solved with fair and open communication, and finding compromises that benefit everyone.

If you plan to install something that may affect your neighbor’s enjoyment of their space, please be open about this and discuss it with them if you’re able to as this can avoid creating issues, and potentially solve or mitigate existing ones.

It may also be worth checking the rules and regulations before you make plans and start spending money, as different properties, whether they be private or rented, can have varying rules about what alterations and adjustments can be made to a property, including the garden area.

Homeowners associations, in particular, can take issue with large unannounced alterations, and to avoid issues it’s best to check these issues out before you start working.