Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller Cultivator Review

For both experienced gardeners and those a little newer to the pursuit, the challenge of keeping up proper maintenance and harvest times for your produce is a constant but engaging anxiety. One thing is sure for all gardeners, though: you’ll need the appropriate tools within grasp if you’re to successfully plant, grow, and reap your vegetables in a timely manner.

Front-tine tillers are a priceless addition to any gardener’s workshop. Suppose you’re interested in increasing your yield, having more control over your garden bed organization, or only looking to save some money in the long run. In that case, a front-line tiller is a necessity.

There are dozens of tillers available on the market, all advertising distinct features. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at one of the most popular but debated models out there: The Earthquake 20015 Versa Front-Tine Tiller Cultivator. Join us below for a detailed Earthquake 20015 Tiller review.

What are the Main Features?

First of all, if you are a gardener just now looking to expand your toolset to include vital equipment like front-tine tillers, bravo. You’re taking an essential step in increasing your cultivation numbers and, no less, the amount of fun available to green thumbs like yourself. If you’re still unsure of what to look for in front-tine tillers, we have multiple pages for you to peruse at your leisure.

Assuming that you already have a semi-clear picture of what you want from a front-tine tiller, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.


The Earthquake 20015 Front-Tine Tiller Cultivator has a gas-powered tiller. Compared to the many electric tillers available, having a gas-powered 99cc 4-cycle machine makes a big difference. Horsepower increases exponentially, too.

Adjustable Widths

As for tilling depth, the Earthquake offers 11 inches. For tilling width, the Earthquake has an adjustable tilling width of 11, 16, and 21 inches. Adjustable widths mean you can arrange your garden to 3x the amount available to non-adjustable tillers.

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The Earthquake weighs approximately 85 pounds–a hefty machine. However, since it’s run with gas, users won’t feel the added weight as much.


The outer tines are removable without a lot of extra tools needed to get the tines off. This feature means that the machine isn’t only adjustable, but the manufacturers made tine removal easy!


As for the price, the Earthquake is very affordable for it’s quality. Gas-powered front-tine tillers have always cost a little more than electric models. However, by adding in the adjustable tine-width, increased stability, and super-wide tilling capabilities, potential buyers can be assured they’re investing in a machine that will last.

Is it the Best Front-Tine Tiller For You?

With so many front-tine tillers available on the market, it’s essential to narrow down your particular gardens’ needs to target the machine that will suit you best. There is a broad audience of gardeners looking for tillers to help improve their seasonal harvests.

Earthquake Front-Tine tillers are known to be robust, over-engineered, and long-lasting. In our Earthquake 20015 Tiller Review, we came up with a few criteria to help our readers decide if this model is the right one for them.

The Earthquake 20015 Front-Tine Tiller Cultivator may be the tiller for you if:

  • Your garden has extra-wide beds.
  • Price isn’t your top issue in picking out your machine.
  • You have plenty of storage space.
  • The soil in your plot of land is especially packed and tough.
  • Portability isn’t a factor in your choice.
  • You want a sturdy and reliable machine without adjustable wheels.
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What We Like About It

Whether you already have a well-developed garden with fully-aerated soil or only plans to arrange a new garden from scratch, deciding to grow your garden with the help of a front-tine tiller is a big deal.

Therefore, let’s get more detailed with this machine’s benefits in our Earthquake 20015 Versa Front-Tine Tiller Cultivator review.

Engine Size to Weight Ration

The 85-pound weight is a big plus when gardeners deal with predominantly arid, underplanted, or overgrown soils. It’s hard to find a front-tine tiller on the market with a comparable engine size-to-weight ratio. A heavier tiller allows you to till tougher soil, but the Earthquake’s engine size more than makes up for its added weight.


The Viper 4-Cycle engine is powerful when put up against comparable engines in front-tine tillers. Gardeners will feel–right away–that this machine is not for casual users. It’s much more of an industrial tool.

Soil Penetration

The Earthquake’s extra weight also means that its center of gravity is much lower than comparable models. With a relatively compact body in relation to its engine size, this model offers exceptional soil penetration. Plus, the fuel efficiency isn’t bad either!

Adjustable Tilling Widths

Adjustable tilling widths are a major upside for this tiller. Being able to remove and add tines on a whim is a bonus if your garden has tight corners or beds that require a little extra care to maneuver around.

What We Dislike

Though this is a great addition to your gardening needs, we think some things could be improved.


If you’re looking for an affordable, portable front-tine tiller like those offered by Earthwise and Sun Joe, the Earthquake 20015 Versa Front-Tine Tiller Cultivator may not be the most appropriate tool for your home garden.

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However, many gardeners and cultivators are actively looking for durable, industrial-level, and horsepower-rich tillers. That’s where the Earthquake steps in.

While the Earthquake certainly fits the requirements of gardeners with serious projects in mind, tough soils, or an intention to increase yearly harvest, the Earthquake tiller also has some drawbacks.


First of all, it’s heavy. At 85 pounds, users should be prepared to spend considerable time lugging this tool to and from its place of storage. And while gardeners can remove some tines to accommodate narrower beds, the engine itself is rather bulky and will require a larger storage area.


Some people might complain about the Earthquake’s relatively low 3.3 hp motor. It’s true that, compared to other front-tine tillers, its horsepower offerings are a little low. However, we believe that most gardeners will still appreciate the extra push gas-powered give you.

Final Takeaways

For serious gardeners willing to invest in equipment that will last for ages, the Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller Cultivator is an optimal choice. While gas-powered tillers are in a different category than electric models, we still believe that the Earthquake offers a good step up to gas from corded or electric tillers.

Yes, electric front-tine tillers offer many benefits: adjustable wheels, lighter weight, and customizable tilling widths, just to name a few. However, if you’re a gardener aiming to expand your produce yield, multiply your market vegetables, or only eager to break up tougher soil, the Earthquake is hard to beat for its price and weight.