Earthwise TC70025 7.5-Inch 2.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator Review

There are all kinds of garden tillers out there for you to choose from, but some of them may have features that may not help you with your garden. This article is an Earthwise TC70025 Corded Electric Tiller Review for a garden tiller that may be the solution to your yard work.

About the Earthwise TC70025

Earthwise has given this tiller a 2.5 Amp motor for power and durability during your gardening. This product features four steel tines that will cultivate 7.5″ wide and up to 6″ deep. The four tines do a great job diving into the ground to prepare your garden for planting.


Users will find that the single-level switch makes it easy to start the tiller, and it works every time. The TC70025 is available in a lightweight design for easy operation, maneuverability, and storage. It also comes with a soft ergonomic grip for comfortable operation. You’ll love how light this tiller is while you use it. It will help you to work longer in your yard without much effort.

The ergonomic grip makes handling the tiller very comfortable and easy. Users have enjoyed the design of the controls and the tiller’s comfort. It’s a productive tiller when used in the proper setting.

This product works well for preparing your garden for planting. It will loosen up soil for flower beds and clean up the soil at the end of the season. Durability is a highlight, and the TC70025 has earned a lot of praise for lasting longer than comparable models. Depending on the size of your garden and how often you work in it, this may be the last tiller you’ll have to buy.

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About Earthwise

Earthwise is a planet-conscious company. They’ve provided innovative gardening products since 1895. They are proud of their high-power and low-maintenance tools. They’ve made this tiller eco-friendly compared to other gas-powered garden equipment. The TC700025 gives you all the power you need without the environment’s expense with harmful fumes and gases.

Who Should Buy the Earthwise TC70025?

The best application for this tiller is in a small to medium-sized garden with softer soil. Earthwise focuses this product on tilling gardens that aren’t too expensive. Since the product requires a cord, there are some limitations for how far a gardener can travel from a power source, so this tiller is best for smaller gardens.

The tiller tends to favor softer soil without too much sediment. It will do the job for tilling tighter areas quickly. You might need to stop tilling to remove some larger sediment or roots from the tines sometimes if there is a larger buildup.

The tiller is also not optimal for larger yard spaces. Not only does the cord restrict movement, but the power of the motor isn’t ideal for large or significantly deep jobs. Interested gardeners need to understand the limitations of this tiller before purchasing it.

It’s worth noting that the assembly on this tiller can be a little confusing. It is essential to follow instructions and call Earthwise for assistance if you have trouble. You might have difficulty lining up the necessary screws while you assemble the tiller.

It is essential to assemble this tiller correctly because there have been reports of damage or malfunction due to construction problems.

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What We Liked:

  • Powerful 2.5 Amp motor
  • Clean electric power
  • Easy maneuverability
  • 4 tine blades for 6″ depth

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not for larger gardens
  • Difficult assembly
  • Cord restricts movement

What to Look for in a Garden Tiller

With the number of options available, you need to narrow down the best choices for you and your garden. Tillers have all sorts of features, but not all of them will help you with your soil. Before you make a purchase, take time to get to know the kind of garden you have and consider the features you will need.

Types of Garden Tillers

Garden tillers loosen the soil in an area for planting. They work to uproot soil and sediment in a garden so that you can sow seeds or renew topsoil. In general, there are two types of garden tillers. Some of them are better for smaller gardens, and others suit larger areas.

Front-Tine Tillers

Front-tine tillers are for smaller gardens and planting areas. Using a front-tine tiller prepares the soil for planting and uproots weeds before planting seeds in the soil. These tillers tend to be smaller and require less power.

Rear-Tine Tillers

Rear-tine tillers are best for larger garden areas. These will break up the soil for entire gardens. They tend to have higher power and are great if you haven’t chosen exactly where you want to begin planting seeds. These can often dig deeper and churn new soil.


Aside from the front-tine and rear-tine tillers, features will help you determine which garden tiller is best for your garden and you.

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You need a motor that is strong enough to till the kind of soil that is in your yard. A too weak motor for tougher soil will not till it very well, giving you lackluster results. Your motor should also be strong enough to complete the tilling work for your whole yard.


Another crucial feature is how easy a tiller’s controls are to use. You have work to do, and your tiller is supposed to help you do that work. If you have to continually spend time figuring out how to operate your tool while you’re trying to complete a job, it will slow you down, frustrate you, and waste your time.


The grip is an essential aspect of selecting a tiller for purchase. First, you need a grip that fits your hand’s size and is comfortable for your height. Yard work is hard work, and you may be working for several hours. Your tool’s grip and comfort will help you to do a better job with your soil and allow you to go for longer without getting tired.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line of our Earthwise TC70025 Corded Electric Tiller Review is that it is a good choice for those with small to medium-sized gardens. If ergonomics and a good in-hand feel are important to you, the TC70025 might be the perfect tiller choice!