How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost?

How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost?

Are you debating taking your lawn to the next level, and are you considering investing in TruGreen? Here, I am going to give you a full breakdown of how much it costs to invest in TruGreen and any added benefits that it will have for your lawn.

To kind of sum things up as easily as possible: it all depends on size. So, in this case size really does matter… Naturally, if you have a smaller yard space then you will require a cheaper service, opposed to a larger yard space which will have a larger price tag to go with it. 

The way that TruGreen ultimately works is down to the way that you treat your lawn. It works based on how you seed your lawn, or whether you fertilize your lawn.

It also works depending on how you prefer to mow or trim your grass, which will ultimately allow you to test and improve your soil.

Mowing and trimming your grass will be especially important if your lawn has too many types of weeds, it will help with the maintenance of the lawn along with keeping the insects and weeds in your yard under control.

So, the estimated cost of TruGreen will increase if your lawn is over the size of 5,000 square feet. On the whole, it can be said that TruGreen is very much worth the investment, and alternative grass care companies are hard to come by.

TruGreen is a well-established and well-recognized company, and a lot of individuals will turn to TruGreen for this very reason. It is an extremely popular grass care company at a national level.

The company as a whole offers a variety of services, and it all depends on the size of your lawn and how much you want to spend on its maintenance.

For instance, TruGreen offers the higher end service called ‘TruComplete’ which would cost you well over $700 on a yearly basis.

So, read on to find out more about the different services offered by TruGreen – and why you should consider using this company to keep your lawn looking its absolute best.

What Service Do TruGreen Provide?

This is not an exhaustive list, however, it is a pretty thorough list of all the different services provided by TruGreen, and they all have reasonably engaging names which is a pleasant added extra to the lawn care fun.

  1. Lawn Health Care
  2. True Signature Lawn
  3. Lime Soil Revision
  4. Maintaining the Lawn
  5. Tree Maintenance 
  6. Insect-related services (i.e. earwig removal)

So, as I said, this is fairly entertaining as far as lawn services are concerned but this is not the full list that TruGreen has to offer. These are just some of the options that they have to offer.

Is There A Price Breakdown For TruGreen?

With TruGreen, this is something that you are going to want to invest in as an annual thing opposed to just a one-off. However, some of their services might suit you as more of a one time function, whilst others might serve you better over a 12 month period. 

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For instance, if you are keen to pursue the TruGreen lawn care maintenance service then this could cost you $29.95 the first time round.

But, on an annual basis this will equate to $568.60 so it totally depends on what kind of investment you are wanting to make when your lawn is considered. 

How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost?

I did mention this before but if you are looking for a reminder, then this is the right section.

TruGreen can cost from anywhere between $200 to $450 depending on the fertilization and the lawn measure. The figures I gave in the section above is just an estimate of one particular service, whereas this is a more annual figure. 

Here’s the thing, you might need a few aerations per year – although sometimes you will not even need to aerate at all. If you have a smaller yard then you can definitely do this yourself – and there are lots of aeration tools that are easy to use and that you can buy with confidence.   

For a larger yard you will need to consider an alternative kind of aeration investment, and potentially even lease an aeration tool from a rental service. The average rental costs for these tools can be anywhere from $39 right up to the value of $79 per day.

TruGreen is actually one of the largest lawn care companies in the States, and it is guaranteed to be located pretty near to you. In fact, there are 314 branches and 35 franchise areas within the States and also Canada. 

TruGreen works hard to take care of lawns, trees and bushes not just in private ranges but also in commercial ranges. So, now I’ll dig a little deeper into the costs of TruGreen, and you can decide whether it is the right company for you. 

Essentially, TruGreen offers three different kinds of services; they focus on lawn care, tree and shrub care, and also pest control.

A key thing to note is that TruGreen does not publicize its costs on their website as other lawn care companies do, they actually have a digital form for you to fill out and you supply your personal contact information so that they can get in touch with you to discuss the lawn care service you require further.

This gives the approach more professionalism, in that it gives you a specific service with your own accurate price quote.

The Real Question On Your Mind… Is TruGreen Worth It?!

The Real Question On Your Mind… Is TruGreen Worth It!

So, in case it was not obvious in the numerous ways that I have tried to sell you TruGreen… Yeah, it is pretty worth the money.

TruGreen is renowned for its high satisfaction rates from their customers, who highly recommend the service due to its wallet-friendly price points.

In fact, a lot of owners will tend to move towards TruGreen to save a lot of time and effort when it comes to gardening, and the plus with TruGreen is that it can offer its services annually.

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You can also get a discount off from TruGreen if you decide to invest in a yearly package so this is always a pretty great option to consider.

TruGreen is commended for the quality of service that it provides to the consumer, and they tend to be located pretty widely across the country so you should definitely consider opting for TruGreen if you are looking for a lawn maintenance service that is not too hefty on the wallet, but that still provides you with a high quality service. 

How Does TruGreen Work?

When you contact TruGreen for a quote, then the company branch will send you a licensed and expert garden care specialist.

They will visit your property so that they can measure up and estimate what they will need to work on your yard. So, this specialist will analyze the condition that the garden is in and they will be able to see its potential. 

Once the specialist has completed all of this necessary activity, they will then calculate what administrations are needed. Some possible administrations can incorporate fertilization, or air circulation, or bother control, or soil alterations, or even tree upkeep and bush upkeep.

So, in terms of getting to the business, the specialist will then prescribe you their recommended bundle that will best suit your lawn and its needs. However, one thing that I want to make absolutely clear is that this is just their recommendation.

The decision on what kind of service you opt for is down to you, and your price range is also something that you need to take into consideration yourself.

So, when you get to the stage where you have worked out exactly what kind of lawn care you want, the master group will come and visit your lawn once in 4-6 weeks.

This is an average timing estimation, and this visit will make sure that your lawn will get the complete benefits of the administrations that you have requested from TruGreen. 

What Kinds Of Plans Does TruGreen Have?

TruGreen offers a wide variety of services, and the kinds of services can come under one of the three varying programs that they offer: TruHealth, TruComplete or TruSignature. Depending on which one you opt for then the price varies.

Targeted and pre-emergent weed controlYesYesYes
Lime soil amendmentYesYesYes
Overseeding NoYesYes
Tree and shrub servicesNoNoYes

What Does TruMaintenance Lawn Care Include?

What Does TruMaintenance Lawn Care Include?

So, if this was a particular package that you were interested in selecting then you should know what exactly this package includes. This package comes with as many as seven lawn visits throughout the entirety of the first year’s fertilization.

These visits will come with targeted and pre-emergent weed control. As part of TruGreen, you get a healthy garden analysis and guarantee, alongside TruExpert certified professional engagement. 

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Are TruGreen’s Chemicals All Safe For Your Yard?

When it comes to looking into the chemicals behind this company, well it is safe to say that most of them without a shadow of a doubt have actually reduced impacts on the environment and also on our general wellbeing.

However, I cannot guarantee that these chemicals are completely safe, because children and pets in particular can be sensitive to the chemicals used by TruGreen.

Not only children and pets, but vulnerable adults can actually feel the pretty prompt effects of the chemicals almost immediately.

Do TruGreen Have Competitors, And If So, Who Are They?

Naturally, TruGreen has some rivals in the lawn care industry. We could go so far as to give you a top 10, but come on, what is the point?!?! If you have got this far into this piece, then you must be pretty sold on TruGreen, its services and its company values.

So of course, like every industry out there, this company does have some competitors – but a little healthy competition never hurt anyone.

And also, if you have gotten this far then that means that you have to seriously be considering using TruGreen to help you take care of your lawn.

Our Overall Conclusion: TruGreen Or Not-TruGreen

Pardon the pun that I have opted for, but you have stuck with us this long so you might as well indulge us and keep reading. On the whole, there is a lot to consider when it comes to deciding on what company to opt for to help you with your lawn care needs.

Ultimately, there are some pros and cons to consider that I can outline just to help you with the entire company selection process.

So, I will get the cons out of the way because they are not actually all that deal-breaking (I might be kind of biased here but, I can’t see all that much that is wrong with TruGreen.)

This company is pretty wide-ranging in terms of its location and in terms of where you can find your nearest TruGreen – in fact, it is actually available in 49 states! However, there is one state where there are not actually any branches available.

Unfortunately, Alaska does not have any branches of TruGreen, so if you are looking for lawn care in Alaska then this might not be your best option.

Alternatively, there can be some instances where the administrations recommended by the specialists are way out of your budget, and they won’t be able to be adapted to suit your spending needs. 

However, let’s end on a high here! With TruGreen, you can have numerous plans at your disposal – alongside a fully personalized consultation service.

TruGreen offers a wide range of lawn care services, and even incorporates dealing with trees and bushes, and also any kind of pest or insect problems that you encounter.

On the whole, TruGreen provides you with a personalized service that you can adapt to suit you and your needs – be it a one time thing or on an annual basis. What’s not to like?!