LawnMaster TE1318W1 Corded Electric Tiller Review

Transform your gardening experience with the LawnMaster TE1318W1 Corded Electric Tiller Bundle with Woods 125-Foot Cord Storage. This powerful 13.5-Amp electric tiller boasts an impressive 18-inch cutting width and 9-inch cutting depth, making it perfect for effective soil tilling. Equipped with six rust-resistant steel blades, it effortlessly tills up to 16 inches wide while offering easy maneuverability at just 24 lbs. For added safety, the tiller features a locking button start. Additionally, the Woods cord storage wheel, included with the bundle, holds up to 125 feet of 14/3 gauge cord, ensuring a tangle-free and organized workspace. Designed with a lightweight frame and an easy-grip handle, this bundle is the ultimate tool to keep your garden in tip-top shape. Have you ever found yourself staring at your garden, wishing there were an easier way to get the soil ready for planting? Well, you’re in luck! The LawnMaster TE1318W1 Corded Electric Tiller Bundle with Woods 125-Foot Cord Storage might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Let’s dig into the details and see if this product truly stands up to its claims.

LawnMaster TE1318W1 Corded Electric Tiller Bundle with Woods 125-Foot Cord Storage

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Power and Performance

Powerful Motor (13.5-Amp)

One of the standout features of the LawnMaster tiller is its powerful 13.5-amp motor. This high-powered motor promises to handle tough jobs easily, making it suitable for both small gardens and larger plots. The high amperage motor ensures that the tiller can tackle even the toughest soil conditions, cutting through roots and clods of dirt without stalling or overheating.

Cutting Width and Depth

Effective tilling is all about how wide and deep you can cut. The LawnMaster tiller boasts an impressive 18-inch maximum cutting width and a 9-inch cutting depth. These dimensions mean you can cover a large area quickly, saving you time and effort. The cutting width and depth are optimized for turning over soil more efficiently, ensuring that your garden beds are ready for planting in less time.

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Motor Power13.5-Amp
Cutting Width18 inches max
Cutting Depth9 inches

Design and Build

Rust-Resistant Steel Blades

The tiller includes 6 rust-resistant steel blades. These blades are crucial for efficient tilling and ensure that the machine can handle tough, compact soil without degrading over time. Rust resistance also means less maintenance is required, which is always a plus.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Weighing only 24 pounds, the LawnMaster tiller is incredibly easy to maneuver. Whether you’re tilling a large open space or working between garden rows, the lightweight design makes it easy to push and pull the tiller. Additionally, the easy-grip handle ensures comfort during use, reducing the chances of hand fatigue.

Blade MaterialRust-Resistant Steel
Number of Blades6
Weight24 lbs

LawnMaster TE1318W1 Corded Electric Tiller Bundle with Woods 125-Foot Cord Storage

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User Safety

Safety Locking Button

Safety should always be a priority when operating any gardening equipment. The LawnMaster tiller comes with a safety locking button, a crucial feature that prevents accidental starts. This lock ensures that the tiller only runs when you want it to, providing peace of mind during use.

Cord Management

Woods 125-Foot Cord Storage

The bundle includes a Woods cord storage wheel, capable of holding up to 125 feet of 14/3 gauge cord. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that you have enough range to cover your entire garden without constantly having to move the power source. It also helps keep your work area clean and organized, reducing the risk of tripping over loose cords.

Lightweight Design

Like the tiller itself, the cord storage is designed to be lightweight. This makes it easy to move around your yard and store when not in use. The easy-grip handle on the cord storage wheel also adds to the overall convenience and usability of the bundle.

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Cord Storage Capacity125 feet of 14/3 gauge cord
Cord Storage DesignLightweight, Easy Grip

Maneuverability and Usability


One of the most appreciated features is how easy it is to move the LawnMaster tiller around the garden. Weighing just 24 lbs and with an ergonomic design, it’s simple to maneuver, even through tighter spaces between plants or garden rows.

User-Friendly Design

The easy-grip handle ensures that even after prolonged use, your hands remain comfortable. The handle and lightweight design make the tiller easy to control, reducing the effort required and allowing you to focus on the task.

UsabilityEasy Grip Handle
Weight24 lbs

Overall Durability

Rust-Resistant Blades

Let’s not forget the 6 rust-resistant steel blades. Durability is all about how well a tool holds up over time, and these blades are designed to handle harsh conditions and resist rust, ensuring that you get a long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

Quality Build

The overall construction of the LawnMaster tiller reflects attention to durability. The materials used are robust and designed to last, making this tiller a reliable addition to your gardening tools.

Blade MaterialRust-Resistant Steel
Build QualityHigh

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful Motor: The 13.5-amp motor is more than capable of handling tough soils.
  • Large Cutting Capacity: With an 18-inch width and 9-inch depth, you can cover large areas quickly.
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable: Easy to handle at only 24 lbs.
  • Rust-Resistant Blades: Durable and require less maintenance.
  • Safe to Use: Includes a safety locking button.
  • Efficient Cord Management: The 125-foot cord storage adds convenience.
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  • Corded Design: Some might find the cord restrictive, although the 125-foot storage helps mitigate this issue.
  • Limited Depth Adjustment: While 9 inches is adequate for most tasks, it may not be sufficient for very deep tilling needs.
Powerful MotorCorded Design
Large Cutting CapacityLimited Depth Adjustment
Rust-Resistant Blades
Efficient Cord Management

Final Thoughts

The LawnMaster TE1318W1 Corded Electric Tiller Bundle with Woods 125-Foot Cord Storage offers a compelling combination of power, ease of use, and thoughtful design. Its robust motor and efficient cutting capacity make it suitable for a variety of gardening tasks. The addition of the Woods cord storage wheel adds an extra layer of convenience, making this bundle an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their gardening toolkit.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newbie looking to make your life easier, the LawnMaster tiller bundle is worth considering. Happy gardening!

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